A not-bot is the opposite of a bot: It's a regularly-updated Twitter account that's manually updated, but seems like a bot because it's only about one topic. I run two examples of the type:

  • CanadaPlanner, a clone of @AP_Planner, which gives people following a heads up of events to come. Usually there is 100 days, 50 days, a month, a week, then a day's notice of each event. It's U.S.-centric, so I made one for Canadian upcoming events, such as holidays, planned events, commemorations, and the like. I have a calendar with reminders 50 days (there are some exceptions), a month, a week, and a day before each event.

  • BrowserTabs is a periodic reminder, either through hand-crafted tweets, to close your browser tabs. It's mainly for myself, but I hope other people find it useful