February is the perfect month because:

    • it's cold in Vancouver, meaning I can think (or at least feel like I can think) when walking outside. There's a chance it might snow for the second time in the winter.

    • no more NFL football

    • I'm at least a month back into the swing of things after a boring holiday week and slow January as everybody else gets back into the swing of things

    • on any given day, it's at least a month away from April Fool's Day, aka the worst day on the Internet. (At least it's not the most boring day on the Internet, which is Christmas Day. Or American Thanksgiving weekend.)

    • in Vancouver at least, there are lots of cold clear days. Some days' weather is absolutely horrible, but at least that's nothing compared to November.

    • just enough sunlight, with sunset times starting around quitting time (after 5, before 6). Especially good for walking over bridges.

    • Downsides to February:

      • on any given day, it's at least a month away from Opening Day of the Major League Baseball season. Spring Training starts up, but maybe I could only get excited about that if I lived in Arizona or Florida.

      • it's not March Madness yet

      • Valentine's Day can be stressful if single or partnered.