In 2009 I was bullish on Readtwit, and the product folded. In 2010 I'm bullish on Formulists. Some ideas for Formulists-created lists:

    • @sillygwailo/follow-friday

      • people recommended by the people I follow

      • the "Follow Friday" tweets (could be multiple) by people I follow can only occur on a Friday

      • only in tweets hashtagged with #ff or #follow-friday (or with the phrase "follow friday", case ignored)

      • list re-created every Friday

    • @sillygwailo/two-degrees

      • take the people I follow, then make a list out of who they follow

      • randomly selected, with a configurable limit (upper limit being Twitter's upper limit of people allowed on a list)

      • people who I don't already follow

      • list is either straight random from

      • bonus points: people not already on any of my lists

In early 2012 I was bullish on @fame. The idea was this:

    • you would allow the fame website as an app on your Twitter account, effectively signing you up

    • the app would randomly pick one of the people who signed up, and everybody else who signed up would follow that one person

    • after 24 hours, the app would automatically unfollow "yesterday's" person, and then make all those accounts follow a new person. One new person a day.

    • as a social experiment (almost like Social Acupuncture, because you'd get to know a stranger), you signed up to follow a random person. How exciting! You had no idea what to expect. If you got picked, you would a) probably receive a lot of 'follow' notification emails if you didn't turn those off and b) have a soapbox for a day.

    • of course, it was too good, and Twitter shut it down.

In mid-2012 I'm bullish on @bufferapp which lets you add tweets to a buffer, queuing them for specific times. You can re-order your current buffer, and change the days in which they get sent out. It's not scheduling like HootSuite (you're limited to the times you pre-define). I use it to buffer up links to my ephemera account from either Instapaper or Readability, whichever one I've switched back to. I was prepared to never use it, but it integrates with a lot of things, including for click tracking, and actually charges for its service. Hoping this ends my streak of liking an app that uses Twitter only to find they go out of business.


    • Each place has an ID for example!/places/19f2c94ac7b53d0f

    • you can see

      • the exact location of tweets inside that place

      • who's tweeting from that place

      • the recent tweets from people recently at that place

      • that means you can get real-time updates of stuff happening there, but only in the browser (see below)

    • you can't

      • follow a place

      • access the place via the API/RSS

        • this would allow you to combine things with Flickr photos, other things involving WOEIDs, etc.

RT vs. Fave

    • I'll RT something if someone said what I wanted to say but better (and first). RTs absolutely do imply endorsement, in other words.

    • I won't RT something if it's hilarious, intelligent, but not something I came up with before hand. If I don't agree with it, it sure did make me think about it.

    • Why won't I RT things that are amazing but I didn't think of first? I can think of some reason. However!

      • I'll fave the hell out of those things. And they'll get posted to my Stellar flow and my shared items.

      • I'll also fave stuff that have links I want to read later, as they go to my read later pile (first through Pinboard, then to Instapaper via RSS/IFTTT).