Just a Gwai Lo

Ideas to implement on my website, Just a Gwai Lo, which pulls in from various places on the web the social media I create.

Use Brightkite data to annotate Flickr photos

On each Flickr node that was originally a Brightkite checkin, list the place in the links below the photo. Until Brightkite tags photos uploaded with its service with both a 'place' and 'checkin' machine tag, here's what's needed:

    • me to manually tag each Brightkite photo with the checkin:[bkite-checkin ID] and bkite-place:[place ID]

    • in the node-flickr.tpl.php, scan for bkite "machine tags"

    • use the Brightkite API to grab (and cache?) the Brightkite information about the checkin and the place


    • create a vocabulary called "Places"

      • or "Machine tags"?

    • Location Taxonomy integration