Mollom for Websites

Surely this has been created as a Greasemonkey script or Chrome/Safari/Firefox extension. Surely this is an old idea.

Ability to flag other websites or individual blog posts as

    • unwanted, taunting or off-topic content

    • low-quality content or writing

    • obscene, violent or profane content

And then filter out sites that are like that. Like how Firefox relies on Google for phishing attacks. So when I click a link, a big read box will say "this has been flagged as bad writing, are you sure you want to bother?" Except I'd probably want to see obscene, violent or profane content, so have a setting to filter out some types of sites as unwanted but not others.

Also would like to flag content as:

    • obvious linkbait

    • white male who's full of shit

    • made the front-page of Digg

    • was already blogged by Kottke/Gruber/BoingBoing/Waxy

    • one million people already read it/watched it/looked at it (too popular, will probably come across it anyway from people catching up)

Flagging comments on other sites

    • sites' administrators need not install anything, as long as comments have unique IDs and are wrapped as such in HTML

    • site visitors can flag comments as

      • unwanted, taunting or off-topic content

        • further to that: maybe a "didn't follow instructions" option?

      • low-quality content or writing

      • obscene, violent or profane content

      • a fourth option: useless

        • comments thanking the author for posting it

        • comments posting about how great the post is

          • as if someone is going to come along and say "you know, this post isn't really that good, it could probably use some re-wording and a spellcheck"

        • agreeing without saying why they agree

    • flagging the comment would send it to the Mollom web service, and Mollom can, based on what you personally flag, hide the comments that aren't useful

    • a further option could allow site administrators to use the aggregate data to filter out (or collapse/hide) comments that aren't perceived as useful by Mollom

      • Mollom (or the site plugin) could add an override. Maybe the site administrator feels that the comment is somewhat useful

        • maybe the comment is by someone mentioned in the article, or has some stature or experience that might add some weight to the comment