Working code at with an official Drupal project at currently "only" adds Readability buttons to nodes and adds a quick way to verify the domain without having to modify the theme. Both features are available for both Drupal 6 and Drupal 7.

This is not a page for ideas about Readability the service. There's already a place for that at

Ideas for further features:

    • Override individual nodes

      • if the content type is set to display the button, the override for the individual node would not display the button

      • if the content type is set to not display the button, the override for the individual node would be to display the button

    • Readability block

      • since the button requires an ID block, the button can only be shown once, so the module should decide which gets the override

    • implement the Readability publisher's API:

      • may want to first implement the API in PHP, then use the library to implement it in Drupal

      • would probably require the Drupal OAuth module for authentication, not yet ported to Drupal 7

      • which features to implement?

      • maybe it assumes a model where a user matches up their Readability account with their Drupal account, and from the Drupal site, they can interact (at least in the back-end), with Readability. For example, if the Drupal site is a news site, they could allow Readability access to their data, and if that user makes an action, it gets sent to Readability for archiving and/or credited as a contribution

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