Reasons why is already great:

    • concept of hooks, with some predefined (send to Twitter, Pinboard, etc.) and some readers can define for themselves by specifying a URL.

    • recognizes that some people have multiple Twitter accounts

    • personal dashboard RSS feed. That is, an RSS feed of what the people you are following are reading.

Some ideas for

    • Show the full chain.

      • if I read something because of Max Fenton, and he read it because of Nicole Jones, show the whole chain. Maybe it's a network?!

    • When posting to Twitter, add "via @sillygwailo" (or "b/c of"?) to the end of the tweet. Since you can add multiple Twitter accounts, make a setting for each user to specify which account to use when credited.

    • some other way to notify that someone read an article because of you. Email?

    • rel="nofollow" on "Nope" links, at least for the logged-out version of pages.

    • I have a hard time with the radical transparency inherent in the app, so I'd like for setting a delay before something appears on my reading list (and RSS feeds, sent to Twitter, etc.).

      • Maybe I regret going through the URL to look at something, or pressed the extension button by mistake

      • I would say make this a setting in preferences, with a maximum of 60 seconds so that there's still some real-timeyness to it.

      • it should probably show on your reading list, with a background colour or box around it to suggest 'unpublished', with maybe a countdown clock. The countdown starts from when you click through an item or click the extension's button, not when you first think to remove it from your reading list