Sites That Don't Redirect You To the URL You Were Looking At After Logging In

Many web apps make it possible for you to login in order for you to do something on the site (heart it, fave it, etc.) but if you login from a permalink, it doesn't redirect you to that permalink. Here's the general pattern I expect:

    1. When logged out of the site, I visit the permalink to a single entry, like a tweet on Twitter or an article on Medium.

    2. I'm usually unable to do something on that single entry, but sometimes a heart shows, or a star button, etc. Clicking that usually redirects me to a login page.

    3. What should happen after I login is:

      1. Redirect back to the single entry URL.

      2. Ask to confirm the action I want to do and tell me which account I'm doing it from. Maybe I logged into the wrong account (the work account instead of the personal account).


What happens:

  1. Visit

  2. Click "Sign In"

  3. Login with credentials.

  4. Get redirected to[your username]

Expected behaviour:

I should get redirected to where I can act on it (share it, star it, etc.)