Tentative notes for an eventual blog post on my use of XCache for Just a Gwai Lo. Somewhat embarrasingly, I have to reverse engineer much of my own work. More vigilence in making notes during implementation!

    • separate ini file in /etc/php.d so that I can just move the file out of the way if I want to install it

    • using Cache Router module

    • currently two PHP caches, each 18 MB, plus a variable cache of 1.5 MB. Trial and error to come to those values (maximize hits, minimize misses), in that I wanted to have the site fully running with some (as little as possible) memory available in the cache once everything had been cached. Still lots of tweaking necessary, since the variable side hits at 50%.

    • generates lots of interesting stats! Who knew that template files would be #1 through #6 on the amount of cache hits?


    • Uploading files using the private method is impossible. Must be disabled for this. Still trying to figure out why that is. There's also a separate, unrelated conflict with Drupal file uploads and Greasemonkey.

    • disabling the cache is a pain, involving (tentatively, still need to write accurate disable/enable instructions):

      • commenting out the settings.php cache instructions

      • moving the ini file out of the way and restarting the web server

      • disabling the Cache Router module not necessary

    • changing Drupal settings means having to clear the variable cache? More experience needed.


    • how does it affect sessions?

    • how does it interact with other caches, like Memcache?