Drupal 8

Features that I'd like to see in Drupal 8 core

These are not predictions, but rather an indication of interest. I'd like to help out as much as possible with getting these features in.

Numbers are for reference only, and do not relate to priority.

    1. Autosave on every form. Every form change (optionally?) invokes a save action without requiring a 'Save configuration' button click.

      • save to a temporary table instead of permanent save? So that people can recover the changes they made if they closed a window/tab or the result of a crash

      • definitely need this for nodes. http://drupal.org/project/autosave does this part but it needs to be in core in my opinion

    2. less sure about: in-place editing, Flickr-style.

    3. UUIDs instead of increasing integers or machine names for everything

    • http://drupal.org/project/uuid

      • probably need a mapping between easier-to-grasp IDs (like Node IDs) and UUIDs

        • for example, node ID 1 is mapped to cf522961-06fd-11e0-b76f-001b631b9c09 so that example.com/node/1 still exists

        • something like how http://drupal.org/project/session_api works with session IDs

    1. window.pushState() for switching quickly between views (single node views, Views URLs)

    2. Node module optional http://drupal.org/node/375397

    3. WYSIWYG in core http://drupal.org/project/wysiwyg

      • but which plugin? People seem to like CKEditor?

    4. Simple Views in core http://drupal.org/project/simpleviews

      • stripped-down version of the Views module itself? Simple Views is just an interface module

    5. Every include file overridable. It sounds like the ideal is to have no 'includes' (or 'misc') folder whatsoever, but maybe language.inc has a feature that is 'by design' but not the way I wish to operate, and I don't want to hack core. Same with path.inc. If I had to hack core to do something the way I want it to, we should be able to override it somehow instead

    6. clean pager URLs http://drupal.org/project/cleanpager no more page number in a query string

    7. RSS Permissions in core http://drupal.org/project/rss_permissions

    8. robots.txt configurable in the Drupal web interface. But how?

      • make it a node? That wouldn't be very good for performance

      • make the text tile writable? Nervous about a file in the Drupal root being writable.

Predictions for Drupal 8

Hashed with SHA1 so as not to skew the results.


(If only to display how well I know the community up to this point, and assuming Dries is still going with a two strategic co-maintainer approach.)

    • Core framework co-maintainer: 26e9d726f3ffee4d42336e00039ad025e60c0925

    • Core product co-maintainer: dec91ad737f4397115a8283bffc5ccd154354354


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