Troubleshooting Drupal

Something more in-depth than the handbook page at with outlines of approaches for different Drupal competencies.

    • philosophy of troubleshooting website problems in general

      • assumption of lots of moving parts

      • you're not building something, but rather something went wrong, and you're trying to figure out why

    • which layer to look at first?

    • how to recommend a fix?

    • where to look for logs, and what the logs mean

    • documenting for the next time something like it comes up

      • throw it on no matter how esoteric

      • you don't need to use client names, website URLs., etc. is usually fine

        • what you did

        • what you expected

        • what happened instead

        • what you did to fix it

    • a pamphlet per Drupal competency

      • modules (PHP)

      • Views

      • themes

      • Panels/Contexts/etc.