I love Twitter but normally hate seeing auto-generated tweets. But I love making auto-generated tweets! 

To avoid hypocrisy on my personal @sillygwailo account, I created the @justagwailo account to post tweets generated from pressing a button somewhere else. (I don't believe in recurring tweets written by robots. For example, I don't post any "daily summary" tweets.) Tweets that go to the @justagwailo are generally written by a robot. Usually following a template but with dynamic content. There are some scheduled or repeating tweets going to the automated ephemera account (I use Cheap Bots, Done Quick! to perodically highlight some of my social media) but almost always, I have to somehow, and for each one, request that the tweet be made. 


An alphabetical list of services that post to the @justagwailo account:

The rare auto-tweets that go to @sillygwailo: