Minecraft Holmes

Poor Paulo. He made a joke about how Mycroft Holmes, the brother of famed fictional detective Sherlock Holmes, sounded like it could be Minecraft Holmes and all he got for it was grief that it was unoriginal. Grabbing victory from the jaws of defeat, he then he came up with a great idea: why not tweet video game names + Holmes to point out how obvious the "Minecraft Holmes" joke is?

Hence the bot @minecraftholmes. (The handle was available, so why not?) Thanks to TheGamesDB.net, a crowdsourced video games database and its API, once every hour or so, @mincraftholmes will tweet a video game plus the legendary sleuth's name.

There's no call for a random game listing (feature request!), so the bot just chooses a number between 1 and 20,000 and calls GetGame with that as the game ID number. If there's no result (a deleted entry or the number is out of bounds, since at this writing, there are "18,598 games and counting...."), then the bot will just not tweet for that hour. Simple! Eventually it will tweet "Minecraft Holmes" and we will laugh. Oh how we'll laugh.

The bot stopped tweeting on January 19th, 2015, never having randomly tweeted "Minecraft Holmes".

View the source code on GitHub.