Destroyer's "Savage Night at the Opera"

The downtown Vancouver route taken by the motorcyclist in Destroyer's video for "Savage Night at the Opera":

Here are the directions to take, starting at the intersection of Waterfront Rd. and Main St. (To get the starting point, take Main St. as far north as possible then curl around the bridge over the train tracks.)

    1. Start westbound on Waterfront Rd.

    2. Turn right onto Main St.

    3. Turn right onto Alexander St. almost immediately after the bridge

    4. Turn right onto Water St.

    5. Turn left onto Richards St. (for added authenticity, make sure to run the red light at W. Hastings, but to stay safe, follow all traffic signals)

    6. Turn right on W. Pender St. (running the red lights at Granville and Howe, but don't actually)

    7. Turn left onto Burrard St.

    8. Turn right onto Dunsmuir St. (the street becomes Mellville St.)

    9. Turn left on Thurlow St.

    10. Turn right on W. Georgia St. (running the red lights at Bute St. and the triangle at W. Pender St., but really obey the law)

    11. Continue on until you see the exit for Stanley Park, and turn right.

    12. At the first roundabout, hang a hard right on to Stanley Park Dr.

    13. At the first parking lot you see, turn right.