Flickr Stalkr

Since Flickr added people tagging to their photos, several possibilities would become available if one could access the people data through their API:

    • a map of a person's physical locations using the following data from EXIF based on photographic evidence, filtered by time

      • date the photos was taken (not published)

      • using the location in the photo's metadata

    • an RSS feed of my contacts'/friends'/family's appearances in photos

      • mapped?

      • two feeds, maybe with 3 choices of item date, in order of my personal preference (though I'd like all 3; maybe just provide all the data in one feed and put it through Yahoo! Pipes to get other options?)

        1. when the person was tagged in the photo

        2. the date the photo was taken

        3. the date the photo was published

    • an RSS feed of my appearances in photos

    • a feed of what my contacts are tagging photos with. For example, if Person A is a contact of mine, and they tag a photo with Person B, I want to see the photos that Person A is tagging.