How to Find Out About Events in Toronto


  • BlogTO has an events listings page, and every Wednesday, they post of their picks of best things to do on the weekend.

  • Now Magazine has an events listing, which they maintain, and which people organizing events can post to.

  • Facebook, through both the notifications you get of a friend is interested in an event nearby, plus if you're following a page, you will get notified of an event posted there.



  • For bands you know you like, sign up for an account at Songkick or Bandsintown, and follow your favourite musical acts. At Bandsintown, you can ask a band to come to your city, but I don't know how/if that works. I click "Come to Toronto!" for every band I start to like.

  • Historically, Pollstar (their Toronto, ON page) has been good to me. I don't use it much these days.

There's nothing like Events12 for Toronto. That site, pre-pandemic, would have a rolling year-long calendar with the general schedule for future events. It would give you a chance to pick a good time of year to visit an American city. As of 2022, they are only updating the Seattle page. They should have a page for Toronto, North America's 4th largest (and therefore 4th best) city.