Publicizing Independent Learning

Noticing the language people use when they say they're trying out a new web service or online tool or learning a new skill (particularly computer-related). Here's some of the words and phrases I've seen:

    • kicking the tires on

    • playing with

    • tinkering with

    • fiddling with

Emphasis on learning-by-doing.

I don't think I've ever seen "learning" or "teaching myself"...from men. I'm open to the idea that I have blinders on, but I only ever see men using the above list of terms. Entirely possible that women use those terms and I just don't see it. Is it more of a male thing to do? Compared to men, how often do women publicize that they're trying something out or learning something new? Or do they use different terminology? A tweet and response and a subsequent tweet got me thinking about this.