Where I once ruthlessly unsubscribed from every email announcement list and as my feedback, said I'd rather view news through Twitter or RSS, now I keep subscriptions alive. I still filter out bacn (not quite ham, not quite spam) to a label, skipping the inbox. I'm mostly interested in notifications of event (someone follows/RTs/mentions me on Twitter, for example) but also keep announcement lists around. The following are my Gmail filters, which add a "Bacn" label and move the email out of my inbox. I review it twice a day or so.

Why not have a service like Mailstrom do this? I'd like to keep my list of authorized apps to a minimum (even though it wouldn't seem that way if you looked at that list).

Note that in the first filter there's a minus for "direct message", since DMs are essentially short emails from people. I want those going directly to my brain.

  • "added you" OR "is now following" OR "opt-out" OR "opt out immediately" OR unsubscribe OR "viewing the newsletter" OR "privacy policy" OR enews OR "edit your preferences" OR "email notifications" OR "update profile" OR smartunsubscribe OR secure unsubscribe OR "manage your account" OR "group-digests") -{"direct message"}

  • "To stop receiving these emails" OR "Edit your e-mail preferences" OR "added you as a contact!" OR "stop receiving these e-mails" OR "This is a message from" OR "We sent you this email" OR "control which emails" OR "Change your email settings" OR "turn these emails off" OR "customize your e-mail settings" OR "count toward your Pact"

  • "personalize your notification settings" OR "If you did not intend to receive this" OR "You are receiving this email because" OR "If you prefer not to receive commercial email from Apple"

  • "Modify your notifications settings." OR "This e-mail was sent to" OR "Flickr notifies you of new activity" OR "email me no more")