Redirects and typing in URLs.

Every now and then, I'll type a URL into the Safari address bar, and it will not load that URL, and beep. Or it will try to load the previous URL. For example:

    • In a new tab, I'll type in

    • Instead of going to, the system beep will sound, and it will not go to that page.l

Another example:

    • In an existing tab, with a page loaded in it, I'll type an address.

    • Safari will "redirect" i.e. reload that existing page.

A third example:

    • I'll click a link.

    • It will go to that link in the address bar, then back to the previous page (the one I clicked from), then go to the new page.

It could be an extension, but I am trying to catch it in the act, so I can determine why it's happening.

The following was last updated updated in 2013:0

I tried switching to Chrome a week before Jason Kottke switched, but I just can't take it. Reasons I still like Safari better:

    • Reading List that syncs automatically to iPhone/iPad. I use this for technical articles to 'read later'. (Non-technical articles get the Readability/Instapaper treatment.)

      • iCloud Tabs with iOS 6 is going to be nice. No more extensions + web service to move tabs between devices!

    • Doesn't have Flash installed. The Daring Fireball approach with AppleScript and keyboard shortcuts to switch between them. Safari to Chrome; Chrome to Safari.

    • Built-in "Reader" mode. The iReader extension for Chrome is not so bad.

    • No triple-tap on a word to get the dictionary definition.

    • Safari looks nicer.

Reasons to use Chrome:

    • More and better extensions (especially with Greasemonkey), with some developers not bothering to build for Safari.

    • Theoretically better integration between Chrome and Google web properties, which I use a lot of.

The following bookmarklet adds a <meta> element to the currently-viewed website in Mobile Safari (iOS). It won't appear to actually change anything, but once you add it to your home screen, it acts as a web app.

You will most likely have to add the bookmarklet to your Desktop Safari then sync your bookmarks somehow, likely iCloud. The code for it is as follows: