This will change, hence the dates. Why date sections instead of writing a blog post? I don't know either.

March 13th, 2012

Despite my partisanship for Readability (I even wrote a module for Drupal), I think Instapaper is a better iPad reader. Here's why:

    • Readability focused on the beauty of the app at the possible expense of readability. Fonts for reading need to be legible, not (just) beautiful. (This is to say nothing about what Instapaper intends. I have no real thoughts there.)

    • Instapaper has no unread counts.

    • Instapaper lets me change the title (on the website, not that app). Readability doesn't let me do it at all.

    • Paged scrolling (tapping the sides to move to the next 'page') is a better experience than scrolling up and down. Like (link forthcoming), I find myself scrolling so that the next paragraph is at the top of the screen. Reading longer articles like a 'book' feels better. No fidgeting that way.