Part feedback for Lift the app, part feedback for habit-forming the activity, and part list of habits that didn't take.

The Lift app and others that reward you for the amount of times you do it in a row don't account for the habits that allow (or require) a day or two or three off. For example, "Update Timesheet" is a good habit to have, but if I don't update it on Saturday or Sunday, then my streak ends. Maybe they only [should] count the days that I request a reminder for?

Astrid, the to-do app, used to have random reminders. Was it truly random? I don't know. It sure seemed that way. For the 15 minute tidy, it doesn't matter when I do it as long as I do it, so I'd like a reminder, sometime during the day, to do it.

Habits that never took:

    • write a blog post - I just don't have the inspiration anymore. I like the idea of writing a certain amount of words each day (and a shout out to those who do it).

    • run couch to 5k - would like to take that up again, it was fun, though I only did it once a week, so no chance to make a streak

    • yoga/stretching - same with run couch to 5k