There are a lot of blogs and websites that feature timeless content. That is, ideas from the archives that could use some resurfacing, if it weren't for the blogger's busy schedule in producing great new stuff. So I'd like to see an RSS feed starting from the beginning, as if you started reading from day one of the blog. For example, take my blog (please!):

    • I started in December 2000, and awfully, for a good stretch blogging about blogging (sorry about that)

    • over time I got more strident, then matured and wrote more eloquent and nuanced pieces, then gave up for a while, then infrequently wrote and syndicated photos and bookmarks from other services, etc.

    • wouldn't you love to see me go through all that again?

The RSS feed would have the following properties:

    • it would programatically estimate the rate of posts per day over a certain period, and show more items per day than that rate (so that you can, eventually, catch up)

    • the number of articles in the feed per day would probably have to be more than the overall rate of posts per day for the entire period of the site's existence

      • or maybe the reader can select the rate of articles per day

    • the URL would have to be unique to every reader, so it might store a token in the RSS feed's URL associated with when the reader started

    • items would have today's date in the PubDate (or whatever) and have in the item all articles? Just one article per RSS item? Configurable by the reader?