iOS 6 Maps

Corrections sent to IOS 6 maps (through the app) for Vancouver, British Columbia:

All the following corrections were sent in September 25th, 2012.

    • Mount Pleasant Park is a block north

      • Maps has it between W. 14th and W. 15th, when it's between W. 15th and W. 16th

    • Mount Pleasant Community Centre main location is right, but still has two references to old location on Ontario and W. 15th

      • I've flagged these locations as closed

    • Tea Swamp Park is located a block north of where Maps has it. Also, there is a duplicate listing

When do Yelp photos come through? Just for a laugh, I've posted some photos of the Mount Pleasant Community Centre at 1 Kingsway on September 25th, 2012, and as of October 2nd, 2012, they are not in the Maps version.