Annoying tweets

    • ranting

    • complaining (esp. when it's about something they have no control over)

    • any tweets with 3 or more hashtags

      • especially annoying if they contain hashtags + mentions + link(s), since clients often make the hashtags, mentions, and links different colours than the text

    • talking almost exclusively about social media (esp. Twitter itself)

    • "did you know that"-type tweets without citations

    • compressing words to fit 140 characters, making them all but unreadable (why not just make two tweets?)

    • quotations from famous people, or famous quotes (usually banal)

      • the worst is when someone makes the quote and makes it seem like they're the one originating it.

    • retweeting mentions of you that don't really add any information

      • example, Acme company, with the Twitter account @acme, retweets how someone loves @acme products? Yeah, so?

    • "[Place name], I am in you." Oh, no, honey, we don't do that anymore.

What You Might Think That I Consider Annoying, But Actually Like

    • overheard "OH" tweets

    • talking about what they just did, esp. if it's something that didn't involve them sitting at a computer

    • talking about something they're doing, to get on people's radar

    • asking the Lazyweb for something, but only if they've put it some work into finding the answer themselves, e.g. #reco

    • self-promotion (why the hell not? How else am I going to know the latest awesome thing you did?)

    • retweeting your other account (not too bad when done in moderation, and maybe I didn't know about your other account?)

    • retweeting someone's answer to your question (that's great! Now I know the answer you got to your question!)