Toolkit modules:

    • Drush - administer Drupal at the command line

    • Devel - mainly useful to see page load time (from PHP's perspective), view the database queries, and aid with development (i.e. which function generates which HTML and what function name we can use to override it)

    • Masquerade - to test user permissions rather than create test users

    • Translation Management - to see which strings need to be translated or not

    • Strongarm - hardcode settings in a developmental module

    • Update Status Advanced Settings

      • CVS Deploy

    • Administration menu

    • Backup and Migrate - automated database backups on- or off-site

    • Install Profile API

      • disable after running install profile

      • uninstall altogether, including delete the files?

Modules unnecessary for rendering the site:

    • Views UI - only needed by admins, can be disabled to get a tiny performance increase

    • Memcache - for monitoring stats only, doesn't provide functionality