Things I've learned over the years through experience that are now codified.

    • my computing environment has to be comfortable. Right now, that's Apple's m.o., so I rock the Macbook Pro and iPhone. Luxury tax or not, open or not, it feels great when I use what they build.

    • any time an interesting but too-expensive or too-exclusive conference comes to town, try to lure the participants to a meetup-style event, like a dinner or unconference alternative

      • nothing with the word "sprint" in the title

        • mostly just the word that scares me. It sounds so much like "LET'S GO AS FAST AS POSSIBLE" even though it's really not about that.

      • nothing with the word "camp" in the title

        • I've done BarCamps and DrupalCamps and maybe they aren't for me. Why not? Haven't figured that out yet. I didn't miss them when I stopped attending them.

      • I'll do gatherings with the word "summit" or "con", though. And I seem to like BoFs.

    • I don't "do" video. Since the first time being on video for an interview, I was so nervous I asked to repeat the question. I'm more of a 'behind-the-scenes' guy.

      • this will cost me in terms of forgone opportunities. Already some really interesting jobs I had to pass up because the requirements were to make a video.

      • that doesn't mean avoiding public speaking. I like public speaking! Just not for something that's video only.


    • in my timesheet go unique identifiers (ticket IDs, URLs, etc.) so people can go back and verify.

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