Power play statistics

A team's success is measured on special teams is measured by what percentage of power plays feature a goal. A power play is any time a team is up by one player as the result of a penalty or having fewer players in the penalty box than the other team. Even if it is 5 seconds long, it counts as a power play.

Instead, let's have a goals-per-minute measurement. So that 5 seconds on the power play counts as 5 seconds, and the full 2 minutes counts as two minutes. If the goal is scored before the power play is over, then the amount of time spent on the power play is recorded.


    • If it's a 5-minute powerplay and they score two or more goals?

    • If it's a two-man power play?

      • It should be easier to score, so that should get factored in the math.

      • Maybe because it was easier to score, we should double the time spent on the power play.

      • That is, one second on a two-man power play counts as 2 seconds, and when the two-man advantage is over, it counts as 1 second?

      • How many more times likely is a team going to score on a two-man power play?