Web Service Plaque

Web service plaque is like that stuff on your teeth. In a way, it's like that sticky yellow paste that forms when saliva and food and fluids form that you need to brush off at least once daily.

  • Sign-up forms that disable pasting or autofilling in the form.

  • Two-step login forms, the first one requiring your username or email address, then going on to the password form.

    • This one is at least understandable, since it looks to see if you have single sign-on, and redirects you to that service if you do, and asks you for a password if you don't. If it doesn't redirect to you a single sign-on service, though, then this is web service plaque.

  • Sign-up forms that make you type in your email address twice.

    • I have my email address in a text expansion and in an auto-filling software (all operating services do this now, and software like 1Password can autofill every form, potentially).

    • I've felt this way since 2008!