Projects that I actually started work on but gave up on.

Is Adam Lind in the Lineup Today?

Major League Baseball exposes JSON and XML feeds and someone even built a Python library to consume them. I had an idea for a single-serving website (plus Twitter account of course) that told visitors whether Adam Lind was in the Toronto Blue Jays lineup on the current day. The problem is that the library and libxml2. The library requires Python 2.6+. I seem to have libxml2 installed on Python version previous to 2.6 on my computer (though I'd rather only have one version at any given moment). I can't seem to be able to install the Python library for 2.7 at all, and it doesn't come standard on either Mac or CentOS platforms. After hours of yak shaving I'm giving up on the project.

Where do I find MLB teams' lineup data?

Need an API or per-game machine-readable data. has JSON and XML but unofficial and undocumented.

What could jumpstart the project

Rewriting the library's XML bits using a different Python XML library. The other option is to use a Ruby library. Some resources: