Looking at my user profile, it occurs to me that there's a bunch of information that's accurate, and which I maintain regularly, but leads me to think the site is a missed opportunity in making connections.

For one, it uses pretty standard Profile module fields. There doesn't seem to be much in the way of RDF making links between me and the other entities I associate myself with. The two first examples are:

    • Industries worked in

      • no possible way to make links between industries worked in and the companies worked for.

      • nobody can step up to "maintain" the industry page

    • Companies worked for

      • companies are a straight list, separated by a line break, which link to what is essentially a search for the phrases. <a href="http://drupal.org/profile/profile_companies/Bryght">Bryght</a> is one such example, and it excludes people who worked for the company but didn't mention it in their Drupal.org profile.

      • there's no way for company managers/owners to claim the page and then add information to it. This is a limitation of the Profile module.

What's missing

    • user photos/avatars

Crazy idea for an RDF version of Drupal.org profile page

    1. establish a content type for:

      • people

        • fields

          • name

          • website

          • IRC nickname

          • Twitter handle

          • projects

            • two fields (Name, URL)

            • multiple instances

          • language spoken (free tagging)

    • companies

        • link to industries nodes

        • LinkedIn style pages with company owners being able to claim the page and add/maintain information on the page

          • this is happening with the Drupal Marketplace. There are company profiles, and users can associate themselves with companies, and the people associated with companies show up on the company profile pages.

      • industries

      • personal interests

      • gender

      • country

    1. how would this profiles site handle the Drupal contributions flags, like "I contributed Drupal modules"?