Drupal 7

Upgrading Just a Gwai Lo to Drupal 7 from Drupal 6 looks like a lot of work. 10,000+ nodes, combined with lots of functionality (Viewfield) and custom theme work. Lots of dependencies on D6 modules not yet updated to 7.

The current plan is to start all over in Drupal 7.

Tasks for the new site

  1. Move the existing site to a subdomain

    1. Redirect everything that starts with the following to the new subdomain:

      • tag/*

      • delicious/*

      • filter/*

      • 2008/*

      • 2009/*

      • 2010/*

      • reviews/*

      • skytrain/*

  2. contact form

    1. completely rewrite the about page

    2. "Elsewhere" page, essentially the same as http://justagwailo.com/elsewhere

      • two menus

      • one page calling each menu

Features of the new Drupal 7 Site

    • minimal functionality

      • as few contributed modules as possible

        • Mollom for the contact form

        • what else?

      • as little custom theming as possible

    • no more blog

    • chance to run the Drupal PHP extension

      • only overrides Drupal 7 with the patch

      • older versions of Drupal run fine, that is, the functions aren't overridden

    • no URLs with dates in them

Old Drupal 6 Site

    • update file system path

    • update API keys

    • expire stale content

    • disable UI modules