The two Twitter clients I use are Tweetbot 4 and the official Twitter iOS client.

Reasons for using the official client over Tweetbot:

    • Better location tagging, using Foursquare data. (Why doesn't Swarm post the exact location to auto-tweets?)

    • Twitter Cards are enabled for all domains, not just approved publications/apps. So your blog shows a preview if you've set it up right. Come on, Facebook/Instagram, join the party!

      • I wish Twitter had something like Facebook's Instant Articles.

    • You can see pinned tweets, and Twitter threads in context.

    • Search works back to day 1. Tweetbot 4 only searches back 5 days or so. The Twitter iOS app is your best bet for checking if someone made the same joke you're about to make.

    • Native muting, which syncs to the Twitter website.

Reasons for using Tweetbot 4 over the official iOS client

    • Muting by keyword, regular expression, and based on app, which syncs across Mac and iPad.

    • It shows Instagram previews, whereas Twitter doesn't.

    • Options for avatar display (circle or square) and whether verified badges show.

    • No ads.