Random Movie Picker

Idea for an app:

Using The Movie DB, one would:

  • Add a movie to their watchlist over time. The idea is that it would reduce decision fatigue and let a computer randomly pick from a list of movies you know you want to see.

  • Using an app (similar to my Goodreads Random app), it would pick a movie to watch, then show the streaming service it's on.

  • The TMDB API does not seem to list which streaming services you've chosen.

    • If one could filter just to the streaming services you subscribe to, then the app would be more useful.

  • This would rely on the less popular TMDB service, rather than Letterboxd (which does not have an open API), but at least TMDB does have a watchlist (and is the data source for Letterboxd), and has streaming service info from JustWatch just like Letterboxd does.