I want to do almost everything later. I want to read articles later (thanks Instapaper and all the other apps that enable this!), watch videos later, etc. But I also want to other things later. Like:

    • Install apps on my computer from my iPhone

      • say I'm on the bus somewhere, and a new Mac app catches my eye. I want to flag it for download and installation next time my laptop connects to the Internet. As it stands, the iOS App store will not even display Mac Apps.

    • clone an open source project into my development environment

      • from GitHub on my iPhone, press a button that clones this project the next time my computer is on (or if it's on now, clone it right away)


    • know PHP the best, like Python more, learning to love JavaScript

    • know Apache the best, know I don't need the overhead

    • a VPS fully-dedicated to the app



    • queue management

    • what to do when the queue is at zero?


    • YouTube, Vimeo, Instapaper, Read It Later, etc. all have queues now

    • Are these lists accessible via their various APIs?

    • Vimeo does

    • YouTube does

    • Read It Later does

    • A single website that aggregates them, with a button for each that removes them both from the mythical aggregation web app's list and from the originating web app's list

    • Stellar, which is awesome, lets you star/fave/whatever directly from the app. Should the mythical queue aggregation app do 'fave' too? Or leave it to the originating web app.

    • Not a to-do list, just a to-consume list.