Collaboratively Reviewing Essays

Ever see, at the bottom of essays, the individual author thanking others for reviewing early drafts of something? What's the workflow for this author and their editors? An honest question I don't have the answer to.

I'd like to see an app (plus plugins for all the established publishing platforms) for collaboratively reviewing essays. Workflow:

    1. the author writes the first draft, saves it online as a draft post in their platform of choice

    2. the author invites others to collaborate. Those people get edit permissions as well as commenting permission, and only the editors see the initial comments.

    3. the editors suggest substantive changes in the comments, make typo or grammar edits in the body, all with a sort of "track changes" implemented

    4. the author makes the changes suggested by the editors, and there's a list of checkboxes at the end for thanking the authors, with options around links. Maybe the editors could opt-out of being thanked, as they may wish their contribution to be uncredited.

    5. at the bottom of the post, a custom message, possibly with tokens for the names of the editors, appears at the bottom of the post, auto-inserted.

Does anybody do this?

Whoever does this, Automattic should buy them and integrate it into