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Follow me at @sillygwailo.  I've lost count of the services that post to my automated ephemera account @justagwailo, but I attempt to keep track.

Regarding the official Twitter apps for iPhone, iPad and desktop Mac, they work well with my brain despite considerable criticism of the last two. I want desperately to use them more but they don't have muting, and muting goes against Twitter's growth model, so why would they add it?


  • Tweetbot
    • I love that you can select a list as your home timeline (especially now that native retweets are available in the API) and permanent or temporary muting of users and keywords/hashtags (especially useful for conference goers who suddenly live-tweet everything)
    • its integration with third party services (Instapaper, Pro, Tweet Marker) is excellent.
    • using iCloud to sync with Tweetbot for iPad


  • Tweetbot


  • Osfoora
  • Hibari because it's incredibly simple, also has muting, and the developer has a very pleasant, supportive attitude (see the @hibariapp account for what I mean). 
  • Twitter website - unlike the haters, I really like the "New Twitter" interface. I use it with the following browser extensions:
    • Slipstream to mute people and phrases
    • Embedly to preview links and multimedia inline. It's especially interesting when people use an external website like Posterous to to a "long tweet". (They seem to even actually have a business model!)