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Feature requests:

  • programmable muting
    • mute a list of people for the duration of a live TV event, like the people who talk about baseball, starting at pre-determined times
      • MLB schedules are available in advance, so you could mute Blue Jays fans from game start until about 3 hours later
    • sentiment detection: mute this person while they're in a certain mood
    • take whatever happens to be trending, and mute that
    • topic muting: figure out what a person is talking about (baseball, for example) based on keywords from the tweet, and mute their tweets about that topic
      • is there an API for content analysis when the content is that short?
    • Tweetbot-style app muting (they just look at the app name in the tweet object)
    • image detection
      • image matching (say, the Darth Vader selfie)
      • image detection (image contains Darth Vader)
  • shorter durations than 1 day
    • sometimes someone is on a tweetstorm, and muting for an hour will be just fine
    • Tweetbot uses an expiry time internally for non-forever muting, and displays a duration
  • keywords or hashtags by an individual person
    • from:sillygwailo drupal
  • all tweets that contain a hashtag (any hashtag) but only by a person
    • from:sillygwailo -#
  • mute a specific tweet that is getting RTed a lot.
  • apply mute filters to quoted tweets.
  • Quiet Time is a great start, and it's open source, and uses Twitter's native muting.