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I've tried all the indie podcast listening apps on iOS and always come back to the Apple Podcasts app. The things I don't care about:
  • syncing
    • I don't want podcasts taking up space on my laptop, where I never listen to podcasts
    • I don't listen to podcasts on any device other than my iPhone, so I don't need position syncing
  • increase or decrease in speed
Things I do care about:
  • subscriptions
  • background downloading
  • background playback
  • cover art
    • remember when you could embed different cover art based on the position of the track?
Podcasts I'm not interested in (there are always exceptions):
  • people talking to each other podcasts
    • exception: the MetaFilter podcast. In the span of an hour I get caught up on the month's links at the community site
  • "Turns Out" podcasts (credit to Marco Arment for the phrase). You know, the science or "interesting things" podcasts where they say "It turns out that" a few minutes in.
I can only listen to podcasts while doing something like:
  • walking/running
  • driving (if I drove for any length)
  • doing the dishes, tidying up
Some people can do it while working, but not me.