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I know you want me to write about topics I'm passionate about. Maybe I don't want to? 

Topics I'm reluctant to write about, with reasons why.
  • Computers
    • Including:
      • Social media
    • Reasons
      • not formally trained in the topic, mostly use it to my computer to consume, not create
      • especially reluctant to tweet about it, since it just leads to spam follows
  • Baseball
    • despite being a big fan of the game
  • Transit
    • topic is nerdy
    • I just like riding trains and what they look like, not the technology/politics/planning behind them
  • General
    • Reasons
      • few people seem interested in what I have to say. Why so few replies, then?
      • market flooded
      • not timeless
      • nobody asked
So I'm sticking to:
  • Low-threshold sharing, such as "Like", "Favorite", etc. Even better if I can get an RSS feed of those low-threshold shares and/or it goes to my automated ephemera account, @justagwailo
  • Tumblr, which I almost wish didn't have permalinks
  • Twitter, mostly about baseball, probably. I almost with it didn't have permalinks.
  • Inviting photos to the Flickr groups I administer, Vancouver Transit and Icelandair
  • Delicious for bookmarks, mostly about Drupal, sometimes about computers.