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To-Do Lists

If I'm going to switch between to-do list apps anyway, I might as well just use all of them at once. Here's what I use them for.

Non-work projects, or non-chores:
  • Wunderlist, which has a web, mobile app, and desktop app, mostly for trips. Some lists are shared with Karen for trips we take together.
  • Using Clear for stuff I have to do repeatedly but not on a schedule, like taking out the recycling or vacuuming
Location-based Reminders
  • Checkmark for location-based reminders that are sensitive to how long after or before I arrive
    • when I arrive at the office, start working on project [x], but after 5 minutes so I have time to get setup
    • go for a run an hour after arriving home
  • Reminders iOS app/Mac OS X app
    • just occasionally for stuff that isn't critical
Now all I need is a to-do list for all my to-do lists, or a recurring (like daily, or weekly) checklist app.