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Habits around the house that I tried but just didn't take hold.

Alarms for waking
  • resent having sleep interrupted
  • never feel like I've slept enough
Alarms that work:
  • External accountability!
    • appointments in the morning with people. 
    • time expected at work in the morning.
    • scheduled events, such as a flight or meetup
Household habits kept:
  • saving pennies, nickels and dimes in a jar, then rolling them up and taking them to the bank for deposit, usually going towards debt or savings
    • it's chump change
    • things I like to tell myself about why I do it
      • removes the coins from circulation (or maybe it re-enables circulation!)
      • it "adds up" (not really, at most $20 per jar, my time is better spent working)
      • gives me something to do while watching TV