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iPhone 5

Questions I had (and have) about the iPhone 5:
  1. Does it support "awesome 802.11n"? 
    • yes, it supports 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz. My Airport Extreme supports both too.
    • follow-up question: does my 2008-era Airport Express support 5GHz?
Cell phone providers
  1. Will my 6 GB data plan with Fido include LTE? That is, can I just pop in the new SIM card and I'll get LTE right away?
      • It doesn't make sense for me (I'm not the only one in the house using it), could one conceivably be very happy with Fido LTE as their ISP if they tethered all the time?
  2. Can I ditch my 6 GB plan and go LTE only and have a Vancouver number that calls my Skype (or regular VoIP)?
  3. Can I use the following plans with the iPhone 5?
    1. What would I do about SMS? iMessage for those people with iOS devices, but at least one person I frequently text does not when outside of wifi range.
  4. What about my T-Mobile pre-paid micro-SIM? Can I transfer my American number to a pre-paid LTE plan, which I assume exists?
  5. without the providers having any information on their websites, my assumption is that I can get exchange my micro SIM for a nano SIM.
  6. What about Fido and using LTE for data while on a phone call? In reference to 
    • maybe I don't care, since I'm rarely on the phone, but I do lookups for people sometimes