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Building a REST API For Your Drupal Site

The documentation is pretty awful, consisting of a few handbook pages on Drupal.org and exhortations to "figure out what a REST server does and you'll understand how to  build one". The combination of Services and REST Server get you part way, but a step-by-step process in how to build a module would be useful.

What version of the module to target? 2.x is fairly stable, with work underway on a 3.x branch.

Which version of Drupal to target? 7.x almost ready, 6.x well-established.
  • What is a REST API?
    • explanation
    • benefits
      • allows people, including you, to build applications on top of your website's data
    • costs
  • Services Module
    • what it does
    • how it works
    • authenticating
      • API Keys
      • OAuth
      • etc.
  • REST Server module
    • GET vs. POST
    • Write a custom parser
    • Build a resource module to handle GET requests with parameters coming through a URL