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Extensions I Use

  • Tab Duplicator - creates a duplicate of the current tab
  • ctrlSwitcher adds CTRL-number tab navigation
  • Optimize Legibility injects a single CSS attribute (text-rendering:optimizeLegibility) into every page
  • FocusOnTheUser to replace Google+ Profiles in Google search results with the most relevant social profiles
  • BetterSource shows the document source in a new tab, with line numbers, and colour syntax highlighting.
  • GoogleClickTracker (to disable the click tracker on Google Search results, mostly for copy & paste)
  • User CSS to disable annoying elements (previously to revert the colour of Google Reader links to blue)
  • MetaFilter Multifavorited Multiwidth (converted from Greasemonkey) used to highlight comments on MetaFilter properties with multiple favorites
  • UTM Stripper in my crusade against URL cruft
  • Slipstream to mute some people, hashtags, terms on my Twitter timeline
  • Handoff to send tabs from my computer to my iOS device(s)
  • Readability
  • Embedly to show content inline. Sometimes, when the thing linked to is short text (but longer than 140 characters), it works effectively as a "long tweet". Does it work with NewNewTwitter?
  • Instafari for sending links to Instapaper