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I love Twitter but normally hate seeing auto-generated tweets. But I love making auto-generated tweets! 

To avoid hypocrisy on my personal @sillygwailo account, I created the @justagwailo account to post tweets generated from pressing a button somewhere else. (I don't believe in recurring tweets written by robots. For example, I don't post any "daily summary" tweets.) Tweets that go to the @justagwailo are generally written by a robot. Usually following a template but with dynamic content. There are no scheduled or repeating tweets going to the automated ephemera account: I have to somehow, and for each one, request that the tweet be made. 

  • in Untappd, after a chug a beer, and "check in" to that drink, I'll select the 'tweet' checkbox
  • if I like something on Instapaper, I have that (eventually, making two stops en route) go to the automated ephemera (through RSS then IFTTT) account
An alphabetical list of services that post to the @justagwailo account:
  • Instagram photos
  • Untappd checkins (beers)
  • Disqus (liking a post or comment)
  • Goodreads book reading progress
  • Instapaper likes
  • (If This Then That, and only because the services themselves don't do it 'natively'):
  • MLB At the Ballpark when attending a game
  • "Yep" (which is pretty much anything I send that way)
  • SoundCloud hearts
  • YouTube Favorites
The rare auto-tweets that go to @sillygwailo:
  • Foursquare checkins - mainly because the Foursquare profile URL is tied to your Twitter handle
  • Plancast plans