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During the last few months of 2014, I'm listening to the entire discographies of bands and musicians on shuffle.

MonthArtistReasonNotable tracks
September 2014808 StateMetaFilter posted a link-rich history of the band.Cora Bora, Flow Coma (remix by AFX), 10 x 10 (Black Eye Mix)
October 2014Flying LotusA co-worker posted a link to a video in our internal chat, and I realized I didn't have a good sense of his music.Between Friends Ft. Earl Sweatshirt (as Captain Murphy), Pet Monster Shotglass, Electric Candyman (feat. Thom Yorke), Auntie's Harp, Mmmhmm
November 2014AutechreListening to 808 State got me thinking about Autechre and their show I attended once, without knowing any of their music.