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Looking for (and might build) an app that does the following:
  • captures all links from my Twitter timeline (that is, people I follow)
  • not just 'top links' or 'best links', but all links
  • allows for filters, so as not to include Foursquare, links to 'summary', also filter by username + domain
    • filter by DNS? For example, all Tumblr websites, regardless of domain
  • presented as a single RSS item and/or email, delivered at a time specified by the user. Possibly even a "give me all links since the last time" button
  • how to handle multiple links?
  • what link text to use? Probably just the raw tweet text like Stellar
  • how to handle native retweets? Goodbits provides a good example of how to display them
  • is Node.js a good fit for this? Is MongoDB a good fit?
  • what's the GUID?
  • use streaming API?
  • how to handle HTTP redirects (short URLs)
What this is not:

  • Not the "top" links, but all of them.
  • Not those daily sites where it tries to make a "newspaper". Just links, ordered chronologically.