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  • Checked Swing
    • alternatives: Check Swing, He Checked His Swing
  • Message Pitch
  • Pitch Count
  • Caught Stealing
  • Day Game After a Night Game
    • usually relevant for catchers, some of whom don't play the day game if it follows a night game in the same town.
  • Getaway Day
    • the game before the team travels away from a series when they're the visting team, or, for the home team, the day before they travel on the road.
  • Save Situation
    • The Wikipedia page on baseball saves has an outline of what a save situation is.
  • Sacrifice Situation
    • Usually when there is someone on first base and nobody out, where a batter might bunt the ball to move the runner over. Especially true if there's a runner on first and second and no outs.
  • Double Switch
  • Swinging Bunt
  • In Line For The Win
    • when a pitcher leaves the game and he's qualified for the stat called a "win". Could be shortened to ILFTW.
  • Humpback Liner (which is the name of a blog)
  • Loud Strikes
  • Batter's Eye
    • This is the name of my baseball pool team, so please don't call your band that.