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Productivity Systems

The tools and techniques that I've tried but don't work for me. Maybe they work for you. 
  • Emacs PlannerMode
  • Don't Break the Chain e.g.
    • didn't feel the need to keep streaks alive
  • GTD
    • weekly reviews, which I thought would be useful, never caught on as a habit
  • RescueTime
    • tracked applications running on the computer, gave a score based on what you thought were productive/unproductive (specifically applications and websites, if not necessarily tasks)
    • may come back to it, though I was very much discouraged by the removal of tagging

Unsure about

  • More than one monitor
    • do I just open more windows and run out of short term memory (in my brain, that is) about what I was doing?
  • "Read later" systems
    • do I just shift from starred items or tabs to the 'read later' pile (currently Instapaper)

Why Didn't They Work?

  • systems not customizable enough
  • don't help me do what I want
  • I don't know what I want to do to begin with
  • I don't really want to do anything
    • of course that's not true. There's lots I want to do. There's just much that I do that I resist.
    • often means more work for others
    • doing stuff can be tiring
    • if I have to remember to do it, I must have some resistance against doing it