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Library Holds

I make a lot of holds at the library. I would like to know when to expect to have them in my greedy little (borrower) hands. Using Vancouver Public Library, which uses Bibliocommons, as an example:

Information I have:
  • how many copies of an item are available
  • which position in line I am in
That's it. The library has the following information:
  • if the item is processed and available for borrowing, they know when the items are due back
    • if they run analytics, they know the average length of time that...
      • all materials are held for
      • specific materials are held for
  • if the item is not processed (it is new to them, or on order), they probably don't have a good sense of when the item will be made available
    • processing takes time: the book has to be catalogued and prepared for use
With items that are processed and ready, I'd like to know the range of dates I can expect to have an item available.

  • there are 2 copies of an item available, but they are being borrowed
  • let's say I'm 10th in line
  • what would be the math of determining which day I can expect to have it?
    • the average length of time either one of the materials is out can be added, which is updated as the material is returned
    • the position in the queue